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About us

Originally a web production and overseas marketing company, the representative's love for cashmere led us to create cashmere knitwear. We hope to be able to introduce high-quality items to everyone.

PlejBela is a word that means "very beautiful" in Esperanto. We named it with the desire to share good things regardless of country or language. 

Message from the creator

I love cashmere and have been buying various items for many years, about 10 years ago I came across Toyoboshi's cashmere. It has a wonderfully soft and smooth texture, I was impressed the moment I picked it up. For some reason, touching it makes me feel calm.

There are other types of soft cashmere, but in my experience, many of them tend to fluff and fray when washed and don't last very long. Toyoboshi's cashmere shows almost no deterioration no matter how many times you wash it at home. Of course, the surface will get a little bristly, but the softness will increase and you will feel like you are "nurturing" cashmere. In addition, it can be easily washed not only by hand but also by machine. (Please refer to the washing tips) Scarfs and stoles cause less friction when worn, so the scarf that I bought 10 years ago and use daily is still looks amazingly beautiful.

Cashmere knitwear from overseas high-end brands are certainly wonderful, but I think the various margins and costs associated with opening stores around the world add a lot to the price (of course, that's business). Toyoboshi's cashmere is of the highest quality and is available at a price range that even ordinary people can afford. I wanted other people to know this quality items, so I purchased Toyoboshi yarn and started making knitwear myself. The knitting was carefully completed by consulting with professional knitters in Japan with skills and a proven track record.