How to wash cashmere

Washing cashmere in the washing machine: Tips

・Water temperature below 30 °C
・Neutral detergent
・Delicate/Dry mode
・Put one item in laundry mesh bag, up to two in the machine
・Dry flat in the shade (do not tumble dry)
・Ironing is also possible.

Water temperature below 30 °C
In general, it is said that the higher the water temperature, the easier it is to remove dirt, but since it can also damage the fibers, the optimum temperature for cashmere is around 20°C, at most 30°C, where the detergent ingredients are most effective.

Neutral detergent
Weak alkalinity has excellent cleaning power, but it also has a greater effect on fibers. For cashmere, use a neutral detergent to minimize damage to the color and texture.

As little friction as possible
Cashmere can tangle due to friction, causing pilling and shrinkage. Use a gentle mode such as "Delicate'' or "Dry'' on your washing machine's menu, place each item in the laundry net one by one, and only put two items at a time in the washing machine.

Dry flat in the shade
Basically, dry flat in the shade. If you hang it to dry on a hanger, it will easily lose its shape due to the weight of moisture. Use a flat drying net or multiple washing rods to allow air and wind to pass through to the back of the clothes. Do not use the dryer! is. It will shrink.

Ironing also possible
While producing steam at medium heat, move the iron gently so that the iron floats slightly. Please do not press it too hard or apply it for a long time.

*Do not use drum-type washing machines (due to high friction)