Home fulled Cashmere knit

There is a finishing process called "fulling'' in the production of knitwear. This may not be a very familiar concept, but is a very important step that determines the texture of cashmere knitwear.
The yarn used in knitting factories is hard and stiff, unlike the yarn sold as yarn balls in retail stores. In the final process, by kneading the knitted item in water while allowing moisture to penetrate, the fibers become intertwined with each other and shrink, increasing the thickness. Fuzz comes out from the threads, making the texture of the threads and fabric less noticeable, creating the fluffy state unique to knits.

We have noticed that the items have different texture depending on the factory, even with the same yarn and the same knitting method are used. We investigated where this difference comes from, found out that the length of soaking in water during the fulling process, the degree of kneading, the amount of washing, how it is dried afterwards makes the difference. 
Furthermore, even if the same method is used, the finished product will vary slightly depending on the color of the thread. Each factory uses its knowledge and experience to develop its own recipe.

In order to bring out the beauty of cashmere yarn to its fullest and give it the finish we wanted, We decided to try fulling it ourselves. Products are delivered in its raw knitted state. With some advice from Toyoboshi, we have develpoed the series that focuses on texuture by home fulling.

USing a large number of samples by changing the soaking time, washing length, strength, etc. we collected various data. With completely natural air-dried, aiming for a fluffy, gentle, moist and smooth finish, we have come to the "ideal" tecture for our beloved cashmere yarn PIARA. We hope you will enjoy the softness that increases every time you wash it at home.