6 reasons to love cashmere

The appeal of cashmere - 6 reasons

  1. Natural materials
    The downy hair that is collected from cashmere goats with the natural cycle is a magnificent gift from the nature.
  2. No sweating, comfortable warmth
    There is a scale (cuticle) on the surface of cashmere fibers, and this scale opens and closes to take in and expel moisture from the air. This natural function controls the moisture properly.
  3. Beautiful colors
    Using a dyeing method that has been researched for many years, the beautiful colors that match a variety of styles, such as eye-catching bright colors and soft pastel tones, increase the fun of wearing them.
  4. Can be washed at home
    Cashmere knits can be washed at home. It makes you feel refreshed and is also kind to your wallet, which is a great thing.
  5. Soothing smooth and soft texture
    Its special texture, which you can feel when you touch it, not only functions as a garment, but also gives you a mysterious, calming feeling.
  6. You will look good!
    Its high quality and elegant luster will make your outfit look stylish.